Thursday, January 27, 2011

Drop pod update! Finished Kill-Kan!

Hey, guys I had a lot of problems making the doors line up, and after trying multiple times, I wasn't able to make it perfect but it it does fit better, looks a bit crooked tho.

As you can see I had to use green stuff to feel the cracks from ripping it apart multiple times :S once everyting is painted I'm thinking I'll apply a scorching effect with my airbrush from the bottom :D

After I messed up on the drop pod I took a break from it for a bit and started on some other projects I finished my Killa Kan.

I tried to convert him a bit so he look like he was running!

just sitting side ways with his crew the few bad moon orks I painted up :D

I also started on a new Captain for my Blood Angels army it was my first time repositioning the legs I'm not too happy with the way I sculpted the vents but I figure with practice I'll get better here are some pictures after around an 1- 1.5 of painting

Tell me what you think and thanks for looking!! :)

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